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Joel Spolsky (co-founder of Trello and Fog Creek Software and CEO of Stack Exchange) two extraordinary articles that apply to IT recruiting – Finding Great Developers and A Field Guide to Developers. He explains why great developers are hardly ever on the market, why they rarely apply to jobs and that your chance of finding them on job sites is like winning the lottery.

What do we do?

We focus

on high-tech jobs in the software domain

We know the people

we’ve trained, interviewed and managed them.

We know and understand

the domain, we’ve developed software and we’ve managed companies

We have the experience

to match the right candidate with your company

Dana Meleghi

HR Manager

SparkWare Technologies

Open minded and focused on the client needs they crafted their way in the most competitive labour market, IT&C. It’s a pleasure to realise that you have a real partner in Techmind, and by each person hired through them, you add value to your company.

They are a truly professional team that you can rely on in the most difficult recruitment projects.

We won’t waste your time

we promise to deliver only relevant candidates because we know that your success is also ours!

Cristina Olariu­

Head of Talent Acquisition

Deutsche Bank Global Technologies

Techmind for me was a big surprise giving the existing market context. Starting with 2014 when we opened our IT&C center, DB Technology was having huge hiring plans and we chose Techmind in this hiring journey.
We built a nice partnership which is still alive and we are heading now towards another hiring objective we have in plan, as partners. I am glad we are working together in this competitive IT&C market!


Lead Developer

Acceleray Solutions

Took a bit of convincing to get me to the interview but the people over at TechMind really know what they’re doing. They told me exactly what I needed to know to make an informed decision and they’ve greatly helped me understand what my role in the new company wil be. Three months later I’m still certain this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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