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Bianca Leuca­

Software developer


I had a very good collaboration with Adriana from Techmind. She persevered when I was lazy regarding my answers on e­mail without becoming aggressive or pushy, like other recruiters I encountered in the past.
She also understood me when I rescheduled the interview a couple of times. Regarding the interview, the questions were clear, on the point and very useful. She was keen to find out details about what I’m looking for in a new job and presented a list of offers, taking in consideration the information I gave her. Among those offers there was a company that I was interested in the most, more exactly the company where I’m currently hired. I can say without exaggerating that it is my dream job.

Cristina Olariu­

Head of Talent Acquisition

Deutsche Bank Global Technologies

Techmind for me was a big surprise giving the existing market context. Starting with 2014 when we opened our IT&C center, DB Technology was having huge hiring plans and we chose Techmind in this hiring journey.

We built a nice partnership which is still alive and we are heading now towards another hiring objective we have in plan, as partners. I am glad we are working together in this competitive IT&C market!

Mihai Grigorescu­

QA Engineer

Vector Watch

Looking back on the somewhat troubled time I’ve had, looking for a new workplace, I remember coming across one of Techmind’s representatives on LinkedIn. Although I wasn’t the easiest candidate, refusing a couple of offers, eventually a job opening was found that suited my needs as well. Currently I am still at this workplace, and I have to thank Adriana P. for her help and patience. For this type of care, attention and professionalism , which is surely not easy to come across, I recommend using Techmind’s services in case you are looking for a chance, just like me.

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